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A Thousand Miles

This scene makes my heart melt. Who hasn’t experienced giving up a love one to pursue a career, weather it be college or to work a new job? Ryker and Andy are the perfect “boyfriend” match for this one.

In this real life scenario, Andy contemplates leaving his loving boyfriend to study and become a surgeon.



This is a hot one, guys! Check out Andy and Ryker’s perfectly round ass’…RAWR!


And when did Andy Taylor get so ripped? A nice change from all the skinny boys you see at Helix.


Just lay back, and let me do all the work!



Classic missionary, a perfect position for Andy to let his passion run loose. He has Ryker’s sexy legs to get his cock deep inside! HARDER, Andy…HARDER!hx104_scene87_026

Ryker gets his mouthful, too! It takes some serious love to suck a cock after getting a rough pounding like that!

Can you relate to this scene? I love how the sex can be so much more intense with a real scenario like this one. Not to mention this was filmed in my old house in California where my loving boyfriend, Max Carter and the Helix Production Crew still lives! fap fap fap

Don’t miss this scene, guys! And keep in mind, the only way to see them bust their loads is to become a Helix Studios member! Starting at $19.95/month with 5 updates a week, sign up already, you cheap fucks! What are you waiting for? Click here!


Kyle Ross

….and you know, I’ll walk a thousand miles if I could just seeeee you….tonight!

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Max Carter and Max Ryder Flip Fuck

The Max and Max CockyBoys scene that everyone has been waiting for is finally here! Fuck yes! The two blonds are finally together in this intently hot and sexy scene that you will be able to watch over and over again. The scene, CockyBoys so creatively calls “Max Ryder and Max Carter Flip-Fuck” features two of my favorite performers and is one of Max’s earliest scenes with his new studio; Cockyboys.


Jake Jaxson comments on the scene:
“Some guys have chemistry because they are polar opposites, but others just work because they’re the same. And that’s the case with Max Ryder and Max Carter– even their stage names are the same! With blond hair, blue eyes, equal height, and equal builds, Max and Max could be twins. So when they met, they instantly clicked together and the small talk was unnecessary. They cut right to the chase with a whole lot of kissing, sucking each other off, and then flip-fucking. Both sexually versatile, Max and Max enjoyed playing their roles equally. And just when you think one is the more dominant of the two, they’ll switch it up and work off each other’s abilities.

Because of this dynamic, this scene also marks Max Carter’s first time being a top at CockyBoys. It was exciting to watch this transformation, and it was hot to see him in a new role. He’s already proven he can be a good bottom, but it took another Max to make him a top!”


I love this scene so much that I had to go out and get a subscription just to watch the entire thing! #worth-it If you are not particularly a CockyBoys fan, this is one scene that you have to watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do(;


Just to let everyone know. Max Carter is up to 18K followers on twitter and Max Ryder is up to 15K followers. Everyone needs to check out this two stud twitter pages. Because they post amazing things.You can follow Max Carter on twitter at

And Max Ryder at

Keep up the great work you two! Both of you are bringing a new era of sex to the porn world. I will always be great fans of Max and Max.




Tommy Defendi & Dale Cooper

There is nothing like two hot manly men going at it- that’s why I am gay, because I like men. One does not have to look far on; they know what true “men” are. One of my newest favorites has got to be a recent scene with Tommy Defendi and Dale Cooper. This is the real deal guys, they’re MEN. 
It starts with Dale kissing all over Tommy’s rock hard cock. Then Dale reveals, Tommy is PACKING!! Dale is eager to get to put his mouth to work. For the entire blowjob, I felt like Iwould give anything to jump on Tommy Defendi’s cock and start riding xD


Dale is hungry for more then just cock! In the most sexy voice he says “I want to eat your ass”… his voice is so sexy it could give the most confident person goosebumps. Tommy sits up top on the couch while Dale strokes his rock hard cock and eats out his tasty hole hehehe :p


Finally, Tommy gives us (and Dale) what we’ve been waiting for! He slowly inserts his giant cock into Dale’s tight hole and lemme tell you, Dale can’t get enough! Tommy pounds away as Dale begs for more “fuck me harder!” he says. Tommy does a good job fucking him deep and sliding his cock ALL THE WAY….looks really hot.


When Dale starts riding Tommy, you can tell there isn’t anything in the world he’d rather do… Tommy sits back while Dale rides and even gets a couple spanks in…Tommy is the man!


FINALLY, Dale gets his chance to tear up Tommy’s tight hole. I wish I could swap lives with Dale. LOL. He fucks Tommy like a pro and hits all those sweet spots (you know what I’m talking about!). Tommy jacks off his rock hard dick as Dale fucks and then explodes a fountain of cum all over the place.

I’m really into Tommy Defendi. Not because he is the “perfect” guy but because he isn’t. Tommy is sexy in a way that’s different from most. Not that he is buff or has cute hair, but the realness the viewer perceives from his personality is unmatched by others. He seems like a very real, boy next door type. I had a straight roommate once that looked like Tommy…wish he would have fucked me like that.


I like this scene because it has everything. Huge men, huge dicks, huge cumshots, everything. I would definitely recommend this scene for when you’re ready to blow your load!


xoxo Kyle

Gabriel Clark & Jett Black

Hey there everyone! It’s great to be back online and posting again! Lately I’ve been getting really into what CockyBoys has been doing. I recently got a membership and let me tell you, totally worth it. I am trying to watch all the scenes but it is taking a while.


My favorite scene so far is between Jock, Gabriel Clark and twink, Jett Black. I love how the two interact with eachother, they have flawless chemistry and it makes for a passionate scene. Gabriel is one of my favorite cockyboys. I definitely want his number :p

gabriel-clark-jett-black-02I really like this picture because it says so much about the scene and their chemistry. Gabriel is a dominate top and Jett Black is more then excited to be along for the ride!
The scene starts with an interview. Gabriel talks about how he cant wait to get Jett tied up and to not let him cum until he begs for it. He rubs Jett down with his big man arms and says “I’m gonna hold you down”. Jett seems very excited about this.


The scene is sexy from the start.  When Jett goes down on Gabriel, his massive cock size begins to shine. Jett can barely get his mouth around that thing!



What a tight lil hole! Imagine the friction generated on that thing hehehehe

Gabriel busts Jett’s hole open with his beautiful cock.

I’m pretty sure this is the thumbnail for the scene on the Cockyboys website…my favorite shot from the photo set. Ken-dolls ladies and gentlemen, Ken-dolls.gabriel-clark-jett-black-21


Jett really likes to be put in his place. He seems to be most eager when on his back :p


Jeff looked very comfortable in this position. He relaxes as Jett pounds him from behind. Jett loves to be controlled by dominate males!gabriel-clark-jett-black-25

The caring dominate top is nice enough to give Jett a reach-around! Gabriel Clark is officially my favorite Cocky Boy (as of now)…and I’m starting to get into Jett’s personality.

The only thing this scene may be lacking is a more lengthy and intense cumshot build. I was waiting to see Gabriel cut loose on Jett’s hole and bust my load on that build up; but it never happened. Instead, I came when Gabriel shoots his load all over Jett towards the end. (I am really into dominate jocks ARGHHHH he says while cumming). Overall I would rate this scene a 4/5 and only because it lacked this final cumshot intensity. (I am definitely a fan of HARDCORE action).

I really enjoyed the chemistry these two shared. Never will I be so much into asseating as I was while watching this…I feel like Gabriel and Jett could easially film another scene together.


Here’s my cumshot to this video:

Photo on 4-21-13 at 11.28 PM #4


This scene in 3 words: Manly, twink, handled

My Rating: 4/5




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Casey Tanner, Connor Maguire

Have you noticed how jock Helix Studios has been lately? …where the hell were these guys when I was filming?!


I’d like to welcome to the group, a new model for helix, Connor Maguire. He has filmed for a few studios before, but this is his first scene with Helix. He is the perfect addition to Helix’s increasingly jock line of filming.BF_zTV3CUAA1hMp

Of course Connor has a beautiful cock. This “handyman” cant seem to keep his focus and Casey is eager to find out what his throbbing cock would feel like in his tight twink hole. BGAS3agCEAE-Obv

I was told they filmed almost effortlessly. This is gonna be a hot scene guys!BGEidOlCEAATc68What a perfect angle. Capturing Connor’s manliness contrasting with Casey’s smooth twink body. Very hot guys! Don’t miss this scene coming out very soon! Of course, the only way to know when this scene is coming is to sign up with Helix Studios!!

I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Connor and the film crew…he seems like a cool guy and would be fun to hang out with! I’m so happy to see these manly guys coming through Helix, totally unexpected right??
Thanks for viewing my blog, hopefully more to come(: …leave a comment!

CRAMMING in the Smart Car!

I am so happy to have purchased a new vehicle this year! It has only 40 miles and is ready for break in! Casey Tanner is in town and I have a lot to show him(;

Some people drive big trucks to compensate for “things”, others don’t need to. I had to prove myself to Casey hehehe…Driving around while receiving road head is some of the most fun I’ve had in a while! I was driving under the speed limit with a chase car next to me and people were honking- all because I was getting a blowjob xP I wonder if anyone saw inside!!

10After things heat up, we take things back home and I couldn’t wait to get on his cock xD


Casey RAILS me as we test out the durability of the dash…


Check out Casey Tanner’s georgous cock! Now that is a rock hard boner- ready for insertion!


Casey crams his cock deep inside me. The “Kyle Driver” is one of my personal favorites because he can hit that spot it feels so good…22

Spitting on my hand to lube up for cumshots!23

Casey fucks the cum out of me as I moan in extacy. He really knew how to get in deep and is definitely a favorite of mine.25

Cum fountain on my chest! His cumshot caught me a bit off guard- I was trying to get it all in my mouth! This is my favorite part hehehe27

I’m such a cumshot whore xD



This scene was filmed “reality style” meaning it wasn’t shot like a movie; rather, like a reality tv show. We were rolling the entire time and Casey and I Improvised most of the lines. This type of scene is cool because there is a lot of realism to it and viewers can get to know us better(:



Special thanks to the producers Alex and Casey Roman for being so awesome and letting us do cool stuff like this!



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oh, and thanks to my loving boyfriend who drove the chase car!




2012 CyberSocket Video Awards!

Holy fuck! We won! My parents are so proud!


The picture says it all! The Cage was voted the #1 gay porn movie of the year! Not “best gay twink movie”, not “best gay pissing video”. Best movie! This is a huge win for us at helix and will be the key negotiation point of my next raise :p


Hanging out in the hotel before the show. Shirtless so our shirts dont get all sweaty…oh, the anticipation!!



Max and I got to meet all the local pornstars and I even saw Brent Corrigan, Chi Chi LaRue, Jackie Beat, and Sister Roma (above). If you don’t know any of those people are you’re just like me. Very entertaining tho!


It was a really fun trip to LA- I love when the studio sponsors trips to Hollywood! Pictured above from left to right is Kurt Summers, Max Carter (my loving boyfriend) and me!


There’s Brent Corrigan, woops I mean Sean up there on the left. “Buy Flashjacks!” He says


Here we are with the big cheeze! Kurt Summers(left), Keith Miller(center) and Kyle Ross(me!).


Dinner at the 24 hour resturant by our hotel! Notice my wardrobe change(: Here are most of the office guys! Left to right (top) is: Deniz, Chris, Lukas, Keine Sorgin LTR (bottom) are Aiden Summers, Max Carter, me, Keith Miller and Kurt!

I actually did tell my mom about the awards show. She is just like any other “normal” suburban parent from Dallas, but really got a kick out of her son on the red carpet. She is a business woman and says to me “Well, If you’re doing porn, you might as well be getting awards for it”. Gotta love my mommy <3 I try and talk to her every day.

I’m going to try and add more group photos when they come available, thanks for reading my shit!



Kyle Ross

PS Specail thanks to Dewayne In San Diego for getting the pictures together(; You can check out his badass blog here

Happy New Years

Max Carter and Kyle Rossa

There is no better way to start off the new year then with a kick ass party! Max Carter (my boyfriend) and I just moved in with new roomies Alex and Casey (the helix directors) and we couldn’t be more excited! I’m glad to say we have all become best friends and look forward to a great filming year!


All the models hanging out in the kitchen(: From left to right are; Kyler Ash, Aaron Tyler, Chase Young, Aiden Summers, Max Carter, Kurt Summers, Kyle Ross (me!) and Keine Sorgen. Only the models are pictured here, but there are about 15 people behind the camera!


Checking out Max’s ass while he gets out the beer mugs. He is so sexy and is very accommodating to the guests! A_g0KTJCAAAbjkE

Getting crazy to the music! It’s finally 2013 (you know for sure because of the champagne glasses!). We had several “straight” guests but when the ball dropped, one of them ended up making out with Chase!!! It was hilarious but I was very distracted by my horny boyfriend sucking my face off(;


Kurt is also a ladies man xD What a stud- he’s making out with everyone!


hehehe I guess I can be sexy even when entertaining guests! I absolutely love throwing parties and It is a thrill to keep everyone happy :D I hope we have as many people show up for the next one!



*Goodnight everyone! See you at the next party!(:* The New Years/House Warming party was a total success. Nothing was broken, everyone had a great time and someone even got laid! Thats right, Aiden Summers and Aaron Tyler totally fucked in my bedroom! I am always proud to facilitate some good ol’ fashioned spit fucking hehehe…Aiden and Aaron would make sexy scene partners. It’s rumored that Aiden bottomed for Aaron but who can be sure?…just asking questions.


I wish we had more pictures of the other guests, will keep that in mind next time! Special thanks to Alex Roman for the pictures. Thanks for viewing and check back soon for updates! <3 Kyle Ross



PS for more party coverage, check out my friend Dewayne’s blog! My personal favorite, he is one of the best in the business and also attended the party! DewayneISD


Get your autographed copy of “Beach Bums” at


Fucked In The Great Outdoors

Max and Christian set fire to the great outoors in this raunchy flip scene, filmed in public!

wtf?! thats MY boyfriend and he’s wearing MY shorts!! ….just kidding, I love to see Max in action! The way this scene was filmed makes it feel completely different then most. The producers even get shots with tree branches in the foreground…very cool. This looks like a hollywood movie scene!

Christian licks his lips to prepare for Maxxie’s tasty cock xP

The scenery is truly beautiful and gives off great energy! I have a feeling the thrill of filming outdoors made them extra horny!!!

Max gets a taste of Christian. One of my favorite things to do when Max is sucking me is to watch his lips move with my dick hehee ;p

Thats what I’m talking about!!!! =====D~~

Max rams his hard cock into Christian’s tight hole

Christian’s checks out Max’s sexy body as he gets fucked…he loves it.

WOWW…I wish I was there to join in! Max is a great bottom and loves to get fucked every once in a while!!


Max has a smile on his face while Christian uses Max!

Max cums his load all over christian


I’ve Never Really Been Into Spanking…

But, holy shit. The new scene with Christian Collins and Jasper Robinson is some of the hottest stuff I’ve seen in a while!

Christian Collins is in charge of the DVD organization at Helix; when his employee, Jasper comes up short, he is not happy!

Christian is so angry with Jasper, he is getting a nasty spanking. I love the energy Christian has while spanking- it’s a totally believable boss-employee relationship. This scene perfectly captures “real” sexual tension that may be felt on the job.

The most wonderful thing about this scene, is the angry blow job Christian receives near the end. Forget about Jasper! Its all about Christian busting his nut all over Jasper’s face! Don’t miss this amazing scene! (Even if you don’t like spank!!)

Foreign Fuckers!

Check out who got lucky with one of the newest Helix additions, Anderson Lovell. [Me!] I had the pleasure of taking his beautiful cock yesterday, and I loved every minute of it!!

Anderson, originally from Spain, speaks fluent Spanish and has one of the sexiest accents I’ve herd in a long time! This combined with his un-cut cock gives him a completely different flavor compared to the all american twinks Helix usually delivers. Thanks for a great scene!!

After speaking with Anderson, I was so fucking horny! Anything he says in his accent left me wanting more! This is my dick dripping wet before the scene! Keep in mind, this is so early in the day, we didn’t even have the lights set up yet!

SPOILER ALERT! I came a lot. A whole lot!! In fact, my belly button had become a “Jizzcuzzi”. The cum flowed everywhere and the couch was covered. I’m sorry to whomever’s couch I DESTROYED!


Thanks for visiting! xoxo I love you guys!

<3 Kyle Ross


PARTY! (Updated 10.31.12)

Jeff Sterne is known for throwing the best twink parties of all time…last night he totally outdid himself. I have been on twitter all morning laughing my ass recapping on the party last night; I figured I would share some photos(:

Lets see if I can get this correct…from left to right on the couch is; Mr.Timothy, Kyle Ross, Jeff Sterne, Shawn Carter, Roxy Red, Chucky Baer, Kurt Summers. Behind us from left to right is Jasper Robinson, Jessie Montgomery, Jim, Alex E, Max Carter, Kyler Ash, Christian Collins, Nelson, idk who that last guy is but I feel so smart knowing everyone else’s name(:

Hanging out with tim and jeff(: I was dressed as a kitty cat!

woot woot hanging with roxy(: so pretty!

There were so many sexy boys, Max and I must have made out with 5 models. We even had a 3 way make out with Christian Collins xD This is the closest I could get to a group pic for now…check back soon for more updated photos! thanks for reading.

TigerHeat LA

This past weekend, us locals all loaded up in an SUV and drove to Los Angeles to visit club Tiger Heat [aka Tiger Spray].  In the photo below, from left to right is, Max Carter, Sean, Alex E. then Me. Also, the producers Alex and Casey Roman are riding up front. The drive out there was really fun. We pretty much got driven around all day in this sweet SUV the boss rented us :D


It was a 3 hour drive to Cat Spray in LA; we drove into the night…perfect timing for clubbing! Alex and Sean were making out in the back the entire time…jee whiz….

Max and I dancing at Club Cat Piss. This picture was obviously taken right when we started dancing, because I was sweatin’ balls, with my shirt off, about 15 minutes in lol.

Oh yeah, we saw batman! …with some chick, either he was saving the world or he was about to get some serious pussy XP

Max being sexy at the hotel(:

and we all brought our RC helicopters xP the ceiling of the hotel is destroyed.

Here’s Max and I the next morning looking all busted and wearing the same clothes. Ha thats what I call ROUGH.

Can anyone say, burnout?

Needless to say, we all had a blast! Every part of the trip was fun. I really had fun at Tiger Piss…no…Tiger Heat. I am underage however and got carded for stupid shit like which entry to the same bathroom was appropriate for my age…Kinda redic when you really have to pee!

Thanks guys for making this a great time! I hope to travel with y’all soon!

Ouch, That Hurts!

I think this may be one of the most painful scene I’ve filmed to date! Roman Daniels, a brand new model has a secret weapon. Roman sports a 9″ cock and he knows how to use it!! :p I was surprised at the amateur’s amazing performance, as this is his first scene EVER to top in!

If you think that looks painful, you’re right- it was! Not bad for this bottom boy!

I’m speechless…what do you think? leave a comment!!


Roman is a rock hard machine!! He tore me up and introduced me to pain I haven’t felt in a while!

I must say, I am proud to announce my personal best deepthroat of all time! I cant wait to watch this scene when in comes out a few months from now. I got that thing ALL THE WAY DOWN!

He is such a cutie! Roman has been very buys, starring in 3 scenes this week, what a stallion! It was a pleasure to film with him, he is very easygoing and preformed like a veteran. Follow him on twitter!!!



Thanks for reading my blog! Also, thanks to our director, Alex, for providing the images(:

Follow Alex for recent Helix updates!!

<3 Kyle

It’s great to be a local…we get to play with the models(:

I had so much fun at the beach yesterday! My boyfriend, Max and I are very lucky to be local models. We tagged along as the guys filmed b-role for their scenes. Listed from left to right are: Christian Collins, Kurt Summers, Kyler Ash, Max Carter (my boyfriend), Kyle Ross (me), Anderson Lovell and Roman Daniels.

A very casual pic of the guys relaxing. Check out the director, Alex Roman, under his towel in the background filming us all being natural.

Alex films b-role with Kyler Ash for the latest movie!

Meet new model, Anderson Lovell. This is his second time back at helix, great to see you!

Here’s another new model I’m happy to see at Helix! Welcome, Roman Daniels. He is such a nice guy and was a blast to hang out with at the beach yesterday! He is very easy to talk to and is definitely someone I would hang out with on the reg. I look forward to him topping me tomorrow! I’ll be sure to post pictures in the next post!

Sorry, Roman Daniels is not on twitter yet.


Max Gets Used

Frat boys Max Carter, Will Parks and Dorian Deschain rewrite the rules as far as helix casting is concerned; This has got to be the most jockish scene we have had in a long time!

It’s a human centipede of blowjobs and ass-eating. Max gets taken advantage of- swallowing  Wills cock whilst Dorian prepares his tight hole with some rimming xP

Spoiler alert- MAX GETS PAINTED. Both Dorain and Will seem fully loaded when they shoot their loads all over his face. I absolutely LOVE jocks. And I hope helix has more to come! Watch out for my scene in this same movie with will parks- its INTENSE!!

Love you guys!!

xoxo Kyle

Max Carter Breaks In New Model, Cooper Scott

Helix Studios has found twink gold with an all new model, Cooper Scott. Finally, a down to earth model we can all relate to- I hope to see Cooper back in the studio soon! He’s had a busy week here at helix over the past week, working with models like Max Carter, Hunter Star, and Conner Bradley. Watch for his very first 3 way scene coming out in a few months! [VERY first - on and off camera]

After finding an apartment with new roommates, Hunter Star and Conner Bradley- Cooper doesn’t hesitate to get his freak on…even before he moves any furniture in! His roommates bed will have to do because Max Carter is coming over!

Cooper is so adorable, I love his twinkiness. He submits to Max effortlessly and maintains that “pound my ass, PLEASE?” mentality throughout the scene.. He was so sweet in person and he fits in well here at Helix Studios. I hope to see you soon!!


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Thanks for reading! I’m back in town now, so I’ll try to keep everything up to date(:

<3 Kyle

P.S. I’m working on an online DVD store; Max Carter and I are going to sign all the DVDs. Featuring hit movies like “The Cage” and “No Means Yes” get your signed copy today….well tomorrow or like next week(:


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Jeyden and Levi: Morning Wood

When the models are happy, it’s a great day for everyone! Jayden Ellis and Levi Madison seemed to pair up fantastically for their scene; the 4th and final scene of the latest Helix Studios Production “Morning Wood”.

Jayden looks overwhelmed with gluttony trying to fit his mouth around Levi Madison’s fat cock! And of course, Levi loves every second of it. This one definitely classifies as a Jawbreaker.

“It was a really passionate scene, it started slow, but Jayden was enjoying it so much, Levi went loose on him.” -Casey Roman [producer] Jayden was so into the scene, Levi had to slow down multiple times to keep him from cumming. Jayden would yell “Just stop, I’ve got to cum!” I know that might sound normal, but when filming a porn scene, one’s endurance is greatly increased. Not the case with these two!!

Levi got into positions where he could easily get his dick all the way inside Jayden. As demonstrated above, the sideways cowboy position looks great and allows for maximum pleasure– that must have just felt amazing!! Levi and Jayden were a great finale to an excellent filming week. I can’t wait for this DVD to be released because I’ve herd such good things from all around!




Thanks for reading!

-Kyle Ross

Jocks That Rock My Socks Off…

Shane Frost has been in town filming for a couple days, with high expectations from Helix Studios. Shane has the reputation of a STAR. He is totally professional, easy to work with and his name alone can sell DVDs. I’ve been told he stays in character throughout the entire filming process- that’s something personally, I find hard to do. Every time they shut off the camera I start laughing and almost “loose focus”. But, when it comes down to it- staying on task, focused and staying in character is ideal for the best possible scene filmed.

Today Shane is filming with a model we havent seen in a while –  Jayden Ellis. I got to meet Jayden and Shane last night at Chili’s (lol) they are both just stunning in person. I’m so glad Helix decided to put these jocks together- hey, when the hell is my scene?????

These jock butts are of special variety- they take years and years of running/healthy eating to turn out like that hehehe definitely not something a McDonalds Cheesburger can get you.

Thank you Casey from Helix for providing all the great photos!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find Jayden on twitter!

Passionate Sex With Giant Jock

It’s all about Passion at Helix Studios with my latest scene I had the pleasure of filming yesterday. The scene starts with slow, close-up angles as Dorian kisses from my neck down my entire body. The director incorporates his solo style filming as Dorian massages from the back of my neck down to my ass. It was sweet because I got a really good backrup from him and I just relaxed for the first half of filming(:  He eventually moves his big hands to my ass and eases in one, two, three fingers xP he plays with my ass until I can’t resist and…


As you may imagine, he fucks me pretty good(: Dorian told me he runs track [after I notices how perfect his ass is] and lemme tell you- he wasn’t lying! He had nonstop energy and hammered away! I had to actually take quite a few breaks, it felt great but was exhausting!

Dorian is TALL  -6′ 3″!! I fit snugly in his arms as he held me close and fucked me like I was his boyfriend. Check out that eye contact! LOL I really had a great time filming with him. This scene is just the beginning of a full length movie currently in the works at Helix Studios!


Thanks for viewing guys, xoxo!! Follow us on twitter!!!!

-Kyle Ross


Special Thanks to Producer, Casey, for taking such great pictures(:

 Porn Actor


Shane Frosts Max!

Shane Frost is in town and he’s got a scene with Max Carter! Originally, Kurt Summers was planned to be in the scene, but unfortunately he was too sick. Max had to fill in [one of the many benefits of being local]. Kudos to Max for making it on time for this scene with just a couple hours notice!

After buttloads of Helix Studios member’s requests – this scene continues the full length movie featuring the slow style passionate sex filming. These scenes are almost unreal in that they aren’t just fucking, they are “Making Love”.

This is one I’m going to be looking out for – two Helix jocks as sexy as Max and Shane going at it, RAWR I cant wait til its release!!..also, I should add this was the FASTEST filmed to date scene for the guys. Max told me they started at 2pm and finished by 4:30. That has got to be a new helix record!
 model, left

 model, right

 pictures – thanks Casey, the blog wouldn’t be possible without you!

Luke Goes to The Dark Side

Check out the #1 rated solo scene from Helix Studios! Luke sums up everything that is twink. He looks completely clean cut and has beautiful complexion that the camera shows off exceptionally. Jacking off over the city offers a view into a twink fantasy almost. What if he were in my apartment looking over San Diego jacking off like he is in the film?…FUCK YES!

I’m usually someone who doesn’t like tattoos on twinks, but Luke wears them nicely. From his right shoulder to his lower hip, the tattoo definitely compliments his twinky looks(:

If you’re not someone whose just into a twink jacking off, Luke eventually fingers his butthole and our new audio gets put to good use. Thanks to model, Kurt Summers [our new sound guy] you can hear all the lube smacking and butthole fingering one would want. I’m glad the editor who mutes the music for a moment so we can hear the amazing audio leading up to Luke busting his nut all over the place with a shower of cum xP



Thanks for visiting! Check back for updates(:

xx Kyle Ross

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Endless Sex Summer

Check out Helix studios latest release “Endless Sex Summer”

This scene was really cool because we got to go to blacks beach naked. We had quite a few spectators- a few people even stopped by to stare. There was even hang gliders LOL

When we got out to blacks, I had expected to record only b role. But, when the producers asked me to give a blow job in public I was like WAAA?…but then things started getting fun(:

That’s me!

Check out the director, Alex Roman at 0:26…he’s famous now!

Anyways, I think Jake Tyler should have bottomed in this one- what do you think? Leave a comment!

-Kyle Ross