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Foreign Fuckers!

Check out who got lucky with one of the newest Helix additions, Anderson Lovell. [Me!] I had the pleasure of taking his beautiful cock yesterday, and I loved every minute of it!!

Anderson, originally from Spain, speaks fluent Spanish and has one of the sexiest accents I’ve herd in a long time! This combined with his un-cut cock gives him a completely different flavor compared to the all american twinks Helix usually delivers. Thanks for a great scene!!

After speaking with Anderson, I was so fucking horny! Anything he says in his accent left me wanting more! This is my dick dripping wet before the scene! Keep in mind, this is so early in the day, we didn’t even have the lights set up yet!

SPOILER ALERT! I came a lot. A whole lot!! In fact, my belly button had become a “Jizzcuzzi”. The cum flowed everywhere and the couch was covered. I’m sorry to whomever’s couch I DESTROYED!


Thanks for visiting! xoxo I love you guys!

<3 Kyle Ross


It’s great to be a local…we get to play with the models(:

I had so much fun at the beach yesterday! My boyfriend, Max and I are very lucky to be local models. We tagged along as the guys filmed b-role for their scenes. Listed from left to right are: Christian Collins, Kurt Summers, Kyler Ash, Max Carter (my boyfriend), Kyle Ross (me), Anderson Lovell and Roman Daniels.

A very casual pic of the guys relaxing. Check out the director, Alex Roman, under his towel in the background filming us all being natural.

Alex films b-role with Kyler Ash for the latest movie!

Meet new model, Anderson Lovell. This is his second time back at helix, great to see you!

Here’s another new model I’m happy to see at Helix! Welcome, Roman Daniels. He is such a nice guy and was a blast to hang out with at the beach yesterday! He is very easy to talk to and is definitely someone I would hang out with on the reg. I look forward to him topping me tomorrow! I’ll be sure to post pictures in the next post!

Sorry, Roman Daniels is not on twitter yet.