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new photos!

Hey guys! Check out my latest photo shoot with Helix Studios! This shoot is with our new photographer, AJ  . This shoot was very natural and the setting was nothing special. I really enjoyed this shoot because the photos look so dynamic despite their “plain”ness.

hx106_scene55_004Hanging around in my plain undies…thinking of you!hx106_scene55_002

Check out that nutsack slippage….gnarly!!hx106_scene55_003


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RealCam With my Sexy BF!

People ask me all the time, “What is the latest Kyle Ross content on the net.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had an answer for a while… Surprise! I’m back at Helix Studios in this #RealCam scene with my sexy boyfriend, Max Carter. The full scene will be released at midnight and boy is it hot!!


We filmed this over at a park by my home in San Diego and I had a great time with Max revealing our past and how we met each other. Watch as we are individually interviewed and asked probing questions about our relationship and what we love about each other. Ironically, we have a lot of the same answers! See for yourself!



Kyle Ross

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This has got to be my #1 favorite scene! I’ve jacked off to this one so many times(; Hayden Clark pounds my ass with his MONSTER cock! It was so much fun to film this and I love to watch the penetration shots!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.30.40 PM

A screenshot of the beauty that is Hayden Clark’s dick! He was rock hard during our entire scene…pretty good for a ‘straight’ guy!hs77_scene2_003

It was so big, I could barely fit it in my mouth…Jawbreaker


Hayden pounds me After he cums, he rams it into my ass :p …you”ll have to watch the full video for this! I jacked off while writing this blog and I started to cum as soon as Hayden sprays me with his firehose load!

If you like monster cocks, and you like gay porn, DEFINITELY watch this scene! I had so much fun filming with Hayden and its not every day you get to take a cock quite as big has him. The bigger the better my friends!


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Puppy Lovin!

hx104_scene8_001This scene has got to be one of my favorite from HelixStudios…we all know why, because Jake (the black dog) is my puppy! Featuring, Dylan Hall, Jessie Montgomery, my very own, Jakey and the little rat, Dylan Hall (left) calls his “pet”.


As a proud father, I know my baby boy, Jake has some serious screen talent! But lets focus on the boys for a minute. God damn. Dylan and Jessie are so fucking sexy! Check out Dylan’s ass busting out of his jeans like a bimbo blonde’s tits :p


Jessie has a hungry look in his eye as he swallows Dylan’s cock. I wonder what the dogs are doing a this point haha



Dylan slurps down Jessie’s cock in this sweet 69 action! These boys look good enough to eat…wait, Jessie….



Dylan puts on his game face for the ride of his life on Jessie Montgomery’s rock hard cock.



Ahh so romantic…these boys have some chemistry unacheived by most. They keep the energy high and their dicks down low :p


Dont miss Jessie on twitter!

And the lovable jake…

Dylan Hall is not on twitter :(

Have a nice day everyone and thanks for checking out my blog! I will try and post more but school has been crazyyyy!!! xoxoxo

Kyle Ross


The Kyle and Max Show!

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Happy Hallowieners!

Have you ever wondered what its like to fuck a pumpkin? When you’re in a room full of sexy boys, Its hard to resist acting on impulse. Max and I had the pleasure of hosting a little party with two of Helix Studio’s finest models. Watch for this “reality tv” style scene that makes you feel like a part of the group! Left to right are Luke Allen, Max Carter, Roman Daniels and Kyle Ross.

Choo choo! here comes the fuck train! After fooling around with the pumpkin, things get a bit heated…we couldn’t resist having too much fun during play time(: If you’re wondering, there is a mirror in front of us- thats why we’re all looking straight ahead.

Guess which one is me ;)

This four way was the perfect opportunity to try something new(: I really liked the 69 while both bottoms get fucked position – this scene maintained very high energy throughout.  It was a pleasure to film with you guys!

hmmm I wonder when this scene will be released ;)

Twink Vacation: Lakehouse

No, it’s not the latest helix DVD! My boyfriend, Max and I have traveled back home to Texas to visit our families. We have been between Dallas and East Texas for the past couple weeks and are having a great time! I haven’t been able to post about the latest Helix scenes but thought I’d share some pix!

Max Carter aka “Keith Stone” on the back of the boat(:


Just kickin it with my bro and Max on the sail boat


Jake loves driving the boat! …hes really showing off in this picture- look at that pretty smile!! :D

Gotta change that oil before driving across the country. I got the beam all fixed up and she’s ready to go! Max and I flew out here and are going to be driving my car back to Cali.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll post scene updates as soon as I get back to San Diego!

Xoxo Kyle Ross

HUNG Realtor Fucks Unsuspecting Client

Max Carter is looking to buy a new house, but there’s one problem. His credit is SHIT. After seeing the home of his dreams, Max takes things into his own hands. In order to keep the bank from fucking him, Hayden fucks him instead.

I love when Hayden gets his cock sucked. It looks like Max is trying to get a fist in his mouth xP

For someone with such a tight hole, Max certinley earns his badges as a bottom for helix studios. The producers were brave enough to compare his preformance to that of a powerbottom!

It’s been HUGE cocks at Helix Studios all week. From twinks like Christian Collins or Kyler Ash to jocks like Hayden Clark, the meat seems to just be getting bigger and bigger at Helix. The combined length of the three comes out to a whopping 22.5 inches…thats a whole lotta cock!

Sorry, Hayden is not on twitter!


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I love how Helix always manages to bring giant cocks together with the twinkiest twinks on the net. Christian Collins and Derrick Porter are the perfect example.


Christian Collins is so hung, It looks like he’s splitting Derrick in half…

Rawrrrr this is amazing. great dick, great legs, great top, great bottom…


-kyle ross

Big Cocks <3

Big Cocks