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CRAMMING in the Smart Car!

I am so happy to have purchased a new vehicle this year! It has only 40 miles and is ready for break in! Casey Tanner is in town and I have a lot to show him(;

Some people drive big trucks to compensate for “things”, others don’t need to. I had to prove myself to Casey hehehe…Driving around while receiving road head is some of the most fun I’ve had in a while! I was driving under the speed limit with a chase car next to me and people were honking- all because I was getting a blowjob xP I wonder if anyone saw inside!!

10After things heat up, we take things back home and I couldn’t wait to get on his cock xD


Casey RAILS me as we test out the durability of the dash…


Check out Casey Tanner’s georgous cock! Now that is a rock hard boner- ready for insertion!


Casey crams his cock deep inside me. The “Kyle Driver” is one of my personal favorites because he can hit that spot it feels so good…22

Spitting on my hand to lube up for cumshots!23

Casey fucks the cum out of me as I moan in extacy. He really knew how to get in deep and is definitely a favorite of mine.25

Cum fountain on my chest! His cumshot caught me a bit off guard- I was trying to get it all in my mouth! This is my favorite part hehehe27

I’m such a cumshot whore xD



This scene was filmed “reality style” meaning it wasn’t shot like a movie; rather, like a reality tv show. We were rolling the entire time and Casey and I Improvised most of the lines. This type of scene is cool because there is a lot of realism to it and viewers can get to know us better(:



Special thanks to the producers Alex and Casey Roman for being so awesome and letting us do cool stuff like this!



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oh, and thanks to my loving boyfriend who drove the chase car!




One comment on “CRAMMING in the Smart Car!

  1. DeWayneinSD on said:

    This is one of my favorite scenes I LUV car sex and road head so of course this was perfect! and Kudos to Alex Roman in the back uh trunk area filming all this!

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