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Max Carter Breaks In New Model, Cooper Scott

Helix Studios has found twink gold with an all new model, Cooper Scott. Finally, a down to earth model we can all relate to- I hope to see Cooper back in the studio soon! He’s had a busy week here at helix over the past week, working with models like Max Carter, Hunter Star, and Conner Bradley. Watch for his very first 3 way scene coming out in a few months! [VERY first – on and off camera]

After finding an apartment with new roommates, Hunter Star and Conner Bradley- Cooper doesn’t hesitate to get his freak on…even before he moves any furniture in! His roommates bed will have to do because Max Carter is coming over!

Cooper is so adorable, I love his twinkiness. He submits to Max effortlessly and maintains that “pound my ass, PLEASE?” mentality throughout the scene.. He was so sweet in person and he fits in well here at Helix Studios. I hope to see you soon!!


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Thanks for reading! I’m back in town now, so I’ll try to keep everything up to date(:

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P.S. I’m working on an online DVD store; Max Carter and I are going to sign all the DVDs. Featuring hit movies like “The Cage” and “No Means Yes” get your signed copy today….well tomorrow or like next week(:


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The Return of Max Carter: DP Edititon

This is my first scene for Helix Studios after my 12 month break. Of course they had two of their sexiest models to welcome me back. Two of my favorites; Jacob Dixon and Kody Knight. Jacob has a huge cock and confident personality. Some say he can be a bit cocky. I love it! Then there’s Kody; his cock is nice and he is more on the quiet side. An all American type.

Lets get down to business. I was eager to start kissing Jacob, as Kody started kissing my neck I became overwhelmed with arousal. It was like boy heaven! Things really started to heat up when our shirts came off. Jacob was the first to strip off his shirt and passionately kissed me, licked me and rubbed my crotch area. Irresistable. On my other side, I have Kody kissing up and down my eight-pack abs and nipples.


We all sat shirtless, I quickly ripped off Kody’s pants and started on his beautiful hard cock. Kody tastes so good! His precum was dripping on my tongue! Then Jacob removed my pants and sucks on my throbbing hard cock.


A few cock sucking minutes later, I get Kody to suck on me. Then I reached for Jacob and sucked him while Kody did me. What a busy knight! I loved sucking his cock soo much; I was deep throating it and felt very horny! Kody’s lips were magical on my cock. I could feel his tongue licking the pre-cum off the tip of it.


Then they both stood up in front of me and I sucked them both simultaneously. I loved looking up at them and sucking them off like the horny little bottom boy I am!


Moments later, Kody laid down on the floor and I sucked him while Jacob starts to fuck me. It was sooooo FUCKIN GOOOOOOD! His dick hits all the right spots, every time he inserts and removes it!


Quickly after Jacob was fucking me, Kody decides he is ready for his turn. I climb up on top of him and ride up and down his thick dick. Jacob came around and stuck his weiner in my mouth. I then started to have flashbacks from gymnastics in high school. I laid on the floor and he fucked me more.


Then, before you know it, Kody is on his back again and I am riding him. I used my bottoming powers I learned back in school and felt right at home with the entire experience. While riding Kody, Jocob comes behind me and slides his cock into my tight ass. My hole was throbbing with their thick dicks mashed together; it felt incredible. I moaned in extacy as the two of them literally split me inn half. Then I could feel Kody’s warm cum fill my hole. Jacob then uses Kody’s cum to fuck me til I shoot my load on Kody’s chest. All this cum was making Jacob ready to cum; he pulls out and cums on my hole as Kody fucks the cum inside me. WOW.


God this was such a hot experience for me! This is a Max Carter must see!!

-Max ;)


Kody Knight, Jacob Dixon, Max Carter

I’ve Never Really Been Into Spanking…

But, holy shit. The new scene with Christian Collins and Jasper Robinson is some of the hottest stuff I’ve seen in a while!

Christian Collins is in charge of the DVD organization at Helix; when his employee, Jasper comes up short, he is not happy!

Christian is so angry with Jasper, he is getting a nasty spanking. I love the energy Christian has while spanking- it’s a totally believable boss-employee relationship. This scene perfectly captures “real” sexual tension that may be felt on the job.

The most wonderful thing about this scene, is the angry blow job Christian receives near the end. Forget about Jasper! Its all about Christian busting his nut all over Jasper’s face! Don’t miss this amazing scene! (Even if you don’t like spank!!)

Jocks That Rock My Socks Off…

Shane Frost has been in town filming for a couple days, with high expectations from Helix Studios. Shane has the reputation of a STAR. He is totally professional, easy to work with and his name alone can sell DVDs. I’ve been told he stays in character throughout the entire filming process- that’s something personally, I find hard to do. Every time they shut off the camera I start laughing and almost “loose focus”. But, when it comes down to it- staying on task, focused and staying in character is ideal for the best possible scene filmed.

Today Shane is filming with a model we havent seen in a while – ¬†Jayden Ellis. I got to meet Jayden and Shane last night at Chili’s (lol) they are both just stunning in person. I’m so glad Helix decided to put these jocks together- hey, when the hell is my scene?????

These jock butts are of special variety- they take years and years of running/healthy eating to turn out like that hehehe definitely not something a McDonalds Cheesburger can get you.

Thank you Casey from Helix for providing all the great photos!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find Jayden on twitter!

Luke Goes to The Dark Side

Check out the #1 rated solo scene from Helix Studios! Luke sums up everything that is twink. He looks completely clean cut and has beautiful complexion that the camera shows off exceptionally. Jacking off over the city offers a view into a twink fantasy almost. What if he were in my apartment looking over San Diego jacking off like he is in the film?…FUCK YES!

I’m usually someone who doesn’t like tattoos on twinks, but Luke wears them nicely. From his right shoulder to his lower hip, the tattoo definitely compliments his twinky looks(:

If you’re not someone whose just into a twink jacking off, Luke eventually fingers his butthole and our new audio gets put to good use. Thanks to model, Kurt Summers [our new sound guy] you can hear all the lube smacking and butthole fingering one would want. I’m glad the editor who mutes the music for a moment so we can hear the amazing audio leading up to Luke busting his nut all over the place with a shower of cum xP


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