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Luke Goes to The Dark Side

Check out the #1 rated solo scene from Helix Studios! Luke sums up everything that is twink. He looks completely clean cut and has beautiful complexion that the camera shows off exceptionally. Jacking off over the city offers a view into a twink fantasy almost. What if he were in my apartment looking over San Diego jacking off like he is in the film?…FUCK YES!

I’m usually someone who doesn’t like tattoos on twinks, but Luke wears them nicely. From his right shoulder to his lower hip, the tattoo definitely compliments his twinky looks(:

If you’re not someone whose just into a twink jacking off, Luke eventually fingers his butthole and our new audio gets put to good use. Thanks to model, Kurt Summers [our new sound guy] you can hear all the lube smacking and butthole fingering one would want. I’m glad the editor who mutes the music for a moment so we can hear the amazing audio leading up to Luke busting his nut all over the place with a shower of cum xP


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Foreign Fuckers!

Check out who got lucky with one of the newest Helix additions, Anderson Lovell. [Me!] I had the pleasure of taking his beautiful cock yesterday, and I loved every minute of it!!

Anderson, originally from Spain, speaks fluent Spanish and has one of the sexiest accents I’ve herd in a long time! This combined with his un-cut cock gives him a completely different flavor compared to the all american twinks Helix usually delivers. Thanks for a great scene!!

After speaking with Anderson, I was so fucking horny! Anything he says in his accent left me wanting more! This is my dick dripping wet before the scene! Keep in mind, this is so early in the day, we didn’t even have the lights set up yet!

SPOILER ALERT! I came a lot. A whole lot!! In fact, my belly button had become a “Jizzcuzzi”. The cum flowed everywhere and the couch was covered. I’m sorry to whomever’s couch I DESTROYED!


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TigerHeat LA

This past weekend, us locals all loaded up in an SUV and drove to Los Angeles to visit club Tiger Heat [aka Tiger Spray].  In the photo below, from left to right is, Max Carter, Sean, Alex E. then Me. Also, the producers Alex and Casey Roman are riding up front. The drive out there was really fun. We pretty much got driven around all day in this sweet SUV the boss rented us :D


It was a 3 hour drive to Cat Spray in LA; we drove into the night…perfect timing for clubbing! Alex and Sean were making out in the back the entire time…jee whiz….

Max and I dancing at Club Cat Piss. This picture was obviously taken right when we started dancing, because I was sweatin’ balls, with my shirt off, about 15 minutes in lol.

Oh yeah, we saw batman! …with some chick, either he was saving the world or he was about to get some serious pussy XP

Max being sexy at the hotel(:

and we all brought our RC helicopters xP the ceiling of the hotel is destroyed.

Here’s Max and I the next morning looking all busted and wearing the same clothes. Ha thats what I call ROUGH.

Can anyone say, burnout?

Needless to say, we all had a blast! Every part of the trip was fun. I really had fun at Tiger Piss…no…Tiger Heat. I am underage however and got carded for stupid shit like which entry to the same bathroom was appropriate for my age…Kinda redic when you really have to pee!

Thanks guys for making this a great time! I hope to travel with y’all soon!