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The Biggest Dick I’ve Taken To Date…Bareback(:

The Biggest Dick of the year award goes to Hayden Clark who has been pounding his way through helix studios twinks for several months now. Max Carter had the pleasure of filming with him earlier this week, now its my turn!!

There is something I find irresistable about GIANT cocks. They might look more difficult to swallow, but I managed to get down pretty far on Hayden xP Don’t miss this scene, I think it may be the best looking blowjob I’ve done on camera(:

Hayden gave me the pounding of a lifetime. In this position he pulls his dick out all the way and then completely inserts it agin-OUCH. It may be time for me to take out an asshole insurance policy.

Hayden Clark is a great preformer and is great to work with. The scene went very smoothly and we both had a great time.  You guys might not know this but Hayden is actually a straight guy doing gay for pay. He was looking at porn the whole day and during breaks on the set lol I think he makes the best of things at work. Thanks a lot hayden for making it easy! I had a really great time(:


Kyle Ross <3

new photos!

Hey guys! Check out my latest photo shoot with Helix Studios! This shoot is with our new photographer, AJ  . This shoot was very natural and the setting was nothing special. I really enjoyed this shoot because the photos look so dynamic despite their “plain”ness.

hx106_scene55_004Hanging around in my plain undies…thinking of you!


Check out that nutsack slippage….gnarly!!hx106_scene55_003


Ouch, That Hurts!

I think this may be one of the most painful scene I’ve filmed to date! Roman Daniels, a brand new model has a secret weapon. Roman sports a 9″ cock and he knows how to use it!! :p I was surprised at the amateur’s amazing performance, as this is his first scene EVER to top in!

If you think that looks painful, you’re right- it was! Not bad for this bottom boy!

I’m speechless…what do you think? leave a comment!!


Roman is a rock hard machine!! He tore me up and introduced me to pain I haven’t felt in a while!

I must say, I am proud to announce my personal best deepthroat of all time! I cant wait to watch this scene when in comes out a few months from now. I got that thing ALL THE WAY DOWN!

He is such a cutie! Roman has been very buys, starring in 3 scenes this week, what a stallion! It was a pleasure to film with him, he is very easygoing and preformed like a veteran. Follow him on twitter!!!



Thanks for reading my blog! Also, thanks to our director, Alex, for providing the images(:

Follow Alex for recent Helix updates!! <3 Kyle

Happy Hallowieners!

Have you ever wondered what its like to fuck a pumpkin? When you’re in a room full of sexy boys, Its hard to resist acting on impulse. Max and I had the pleasure of hosting a little party with two of Helix Studio’s finest models. Watch for this “reality tv” style scene that makes you feel like a part of the group! Left to right are Luke Allen, Max Carter, Roman Daniels and Kyle Ross.

Choo choo! here comes the fuck train! After fooling around with the pumpkin, things get a bit heated…we couldn’t resist having too much fun during play time(: If you’re wondering, there is a mirror in front of us- thats why we’re all looking straight ahead.

Guess which one is me ;)

This four way was the perfect opportunity to try something new(: I really liked the 69 while both bottoms get fucked position – this scene maintained very high energy throughout.  It was a pleasure to film with you guys!

hmmm I wonder when this scene will be released ;)

Jocks That Rock My Socks Off…

Shane Frost has been in town filming for a couple days, with high expectations from Helix Studios. Shane has the reputation of a STAR. He is totally professional, easy to work with and his name alone can sell DVDs. I’ve been told he stays in character throughout the entire filming process- that’s something personally, I find hard to do. Every time they shut off the camera I start laughing and almost “loose focus”. But, when it comes down to it- staying on task, focused and staying in character is ideal for the best possible scene filmed.

Today Shane is filming with a model we havent seen in a while –  Jayden Ellis. I got to meet Jayden and Shane last night at Chili’s (lol) they are both just stunning in person. I’m so glad Helix decided to put these jocks together- hey, when the hell is my scene?????

These jock butts are of special variety- they take years and years of running/healthy eating to turn out like that hehehe definitely not something a McDonalds Cheesburger can get you.

Thank you Casey from Helix for providing all the great photos!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find Jayden on twitter!