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RealCam With my Sexy BF!

People ask me all the time, “What is the latest Kyle Ross content on the net.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had an answer for a while… Surprise! I’m back at Helix Studios in this #RealCam scene with my sexy boyfriend, Max Carter. The full scene will be released at midnight and boy is it hot!!


We filmed this over at a park by my home in San Diego and I had a great time with Max revealing our past and how we met each other. Watch as we are individually interviewed and asked probing questions about our relationship and what we love about each other. Ironically, we have a lot of the same answers! See for yourself!



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This has got to be my #1 favorite scene! I’ve jacked off to this one so many times(; Hayden Clark pounds my ass with his MONSTER cock! It was so much fun to film this and I love to watch the penetration shots!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.30.40 PM

A screenshot of the beauty that is Hayden Clark’s dick! He was rock hard during our entire scene…pretty good for a ‘straight’ guy!hs77_scene2_003

It was so big, I could barely fit it in my mouth…Jawbreaker


Hayden pounds me After he cums, he rams it into my ass :p …you”ll have to watch the full video for this! I jacked off while writing this blog and I started to cum as soon as Hayden sprays me with his firehose load!

If you like monster cocks, and you like gay porn, DEFINITELY watch this scene! I had so much fun filming with Hayden and its not every day you get to take a cock quite as big has him. The bigger the better my friends!


Follow me on twitter! …Hayden is unfortunately, not gay enough for twitter.

A Thousand Miles

This scene makes my heart melt. Who hasn’t experienced giving up a love one to pursue a career, weather it be college or to work a new job? Ryker and Andy are the perfect “boyfriend” match for this one.

In this real life scenario, Andy contemplates leaving his loving boyfriend to study and become a surgeon.



This is a hot one, guys! Check out Andy and Ryker’s perfectly round ass’…RAWR!


And when did Andy Taylor get so ripped? A nice change from all the skinny boys you see at Helix.


Just lay back, and let me do all the work!



Classic missionary, a perfect position for Andy to let his passion run loose. He has Ryker’s sexy legs to get his cock deep inside! HARDER, Andy…HARDER!hx104_scene87_026

Ryker gets his mouthful, too! It takes some serious love to suck a cock after getting a rough pounding like that!

Can you relate to this scene? I love how the sex can be so much more intense with a real scenario like this one. Not to mention this was filmed in my old house in California where my loving boyfriend, Max Carter and the Helix Production Crew still lives! fap fap fap

Don’t miss this scene, guys! And keep in mind, the only way to see them bust their loads is to become a Helix Studios member! Starting at $19.95/month with 5 updates a week, sign up already, you cheap fucks! What are you waiting for? Click here!


Kyle Ross

….and you know, I’ll walk a thousand miles if I could just seeeee you….tonight!

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