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PARTY! (Updated 10.31.12)

Jeff Sterne is known for throwing the best twink parties of all time…last night he totally outdid himself. I have been on twitter all morning laughing my ass recapping on the party last night; I figured I would share some photos(:

Lets see if I can get this correct…from left to right on the couch is; Mr.Timothy, Kyle Ross, Jeff Sterne, Shawn Carter, Roxy Red, Chucky Baer, Kurt Summers. Behind us from left to right is Jasper Robinson, Jessie Montgomery, Jim, Alex E, Max Carter, Kyler Ash, Christian Collins, Nelson, idk who that last guy is but I feel so smart knowing everyone else’s name(:

Hanging out with tim and jeff(: I was dressed as a kitty cat!

woot woot hanging with roxy(: so pretty!

There were so many sexy boys, Max and I must have made out with 5 models. We even had a 3 way make out with Christian Collins xD This is the closest I could get to a group pic for now…check back soon for more updated photos! thanks for reading.

Max Carter Breaks In New Model, Cooper Scott

Helix Studios has found twink gold with an all new model, Cooper Scott. Finally, a down to earth model we can all relate to- I hope to see Cooper back in the studio soon! He’s had a busy week here at helix over the past week, working with models like Max Carter, Hunter Star, and Conner Bradley. Watch for his very first 3 way scene coming out in a few months! [VERY first – on and off camera]

After finding an apartment with new roommates, Hunter Star and Conner Bradley- Cooper doesn’t hesitate to get his freak on…even before he moves any furniture in! His roommates bed will have to do because Max Carter is coming over!

Cooper is so adorable, I love his twinkiness. He submits to Max effortlessly and maintains that “pound my ass, PLEASE?” mentality throughout the scene.. He was so sweet in person and he fits in well here at Helix Studios. I hope to see you soon!!


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Thanks for reading! I’m back in town now, so I’ll try to keep everything up to date(:

<3 Kyle

P.S. I’m working on an online DVD store; Max Carter and I are going to sign all the DVDs. Featuring hit movies like “The Cage” and “No Means Yes” get your signed copy today….well tomorrow or like next week(:


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Big Cocks

Jocks That Rock My Socks Off…

Shane Frost has been in town filming for a couple days, with high expectations from Helix Studios. Shane has the reputation of a STAR. He is totally professional, easy to work with and his name alone can sell DVDs. I’ve been told he stays in character throughout the entire filming process- that’s something personally, I find hard to do. Every time they shut off the camera I start laughing and almost “loose focus”. But, when it comes down to it- staying on task, focused and staying in character is ideal for the best possible scene filmed.

Today Shane is filming with a model we havent seen in a while –  Jayden Ellis. I got to meet Jayden and Shane last night at Chili’s (lol) they are both just stunning in person. I’m so glad Helix decided to put these jocks together- hey, when the hell is my scene?????

These jock butts are of special variety- they take years and years of running/healthy eating to turn out like that hehehe definitely not something a McDonalds Cheesburger can get you.

Thank you Casey from Helix for providing all the great photos!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find Jayden on twitter!

Tommy Defendi & Dale Cooper

There is nothing like two hot manly men going at it- that’s why I am gay, because I like men. One does not have to look far on; they know what true “men” are. One of my newest favorites has got to be a recent scene with Tommy Defendi and Dale Cooper. This is the real deal guys, they’re MEN.

IMG_0474It starts with Dale kissing all over Tommy’s rock hard cock. Then Dale reveals, Tommy is PACKING!! Dale is eager to get to put his mouth to work. For the entire blowjob, I felt like Iwould give anything to jump on Tommy Defendi’s cock and start riding xD


Dale is hungry for more then just cock! In the most sexy voice he says “I want to eat your ass”… his voice is so sexy it could give the most confident person goosebumps. Tommy sits up top on the couch while Dale strokes his rock hard cock and eats out his tasty hole hehehe :p


Finally, Tommy gives us (and Dale) what we’ve been waiting for! He slowly inserts his giant cock into Dale’s tight hole and lemme tell you, Dale can’t get enough! Tommy pounds away as Dale begs for more “fuck me harder!” he says. Tommy does a good job fucking him deep and sliding his cock ALL THE WAY….looks really hot.


When Dale starts riding Tommy, you can tell there isn’t anything in the world he’d rather do… Tommy sits back while Dale rides and even gets a couple spanks in…Tommy is the man!


FINALLY, Dale gets his chance to tear up Tommy’s tight hole. I wish I could swap lives with Dale. LOL. He fucks Tommy like a pro and hits all those sweet spots (you know what I’m talking about!). Tommy jacks off his rock hard dick as Dale fucks and then explodes a fountain of cum all over the place.

I’m really into Tommy Defendi. Not because he is the “perfect” guy but because he isn’t. Tommy is sexy in a way that’s different from most. Not that he is buff or has cute hair, but the realness the viewer perceives from his personality is unmatched by others. He seems like a very real, boy next door type. I had a straight roommate once that looked like Tommy…wish he would have fucked me like that.


I like this scene because it has everything. Huge men, huge dicks, huge cumshots, everything. I would definitely recommend this scene for when you’re ready to blow your load!


xoxo Kyle

Fucked In The Great Outdoors

Max and Christian set fire to the great outoors in this raunchy flip scene, filmed in public!

wtf?! thats MY boyfriend and he’s wearing MY shorts!! ….just kidding, I love to see Max in action! The way this scene was filmed makes it feel completely different then most. The producers even get shots with tree branches in the foreground…very cool. This looks like a hollywood movie scene!

Christian licks his lips to prepare for Maxxie’s tasty cock xP

The scenery is truly beautiful and gives off great energy! I have a feeling the thrill of filming outdoors made them extra horny!!!

Max gets a taste of Christian. One of my favorite things to do when Max is sucking me is to watch his lips move with my dick hehee ;p

Thats what I’m talking about!!!! =====D~~

Max rams his hard cock into Christian’s tight hole

Christian’s checks out Max’s sexy body as he gets fucked…he loves it.

WOWW…I wish I was there to join in! Max is a great bottom and loves to get fucked every once in a while!!


Max has a smile on his face while Christian uses Max!

Max cums his load all over christian