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Shane Frosts Max!

Shane Frost is in town and he’s got a scene with Max Carter! Originally, Kurt Summers was planned to be in the scene, but unfortunately he was too sick. Max had to fill in [one of the many benefits of being local]. Kudos to Max for making it on time for this scene with just a couple hours notice!

After buttloads of Helix Studios member’s requests – this scene continues the full length movie featuring the slow style passionate sex filming. These scenes are almost unreal in that they aren’t just fucking, they are “Making Love”.

This is one I’m going to be looking out for – two Helix jocks as sexy as Max and Shane going at it, RAWR I cant wait til its release!!..also, I should add this was the FASTEST filmed to date scene for the guys. Max told me they started at 2pm and finished by 4:30. That has got to be a new helix record!  model, left

 model, right

 pictures – thanks Casey, the blog wouldn’t be possible without you!

I’ve Never Really Been Into Spanking…

But, holy shit. The new scene with Christian Collins and Jasper Robinson is some of the hottest stuff I’ve seen in a while!

Christian Collins is in charge of the DVD organization at Helix; when his employee, Jasper comes up short, he is not happy!

Christian is so angry with Jasper, he is getting a nasty spanking. I love the energy Christian has while spanking- it’s a totally believable boss-employee relationship. This scene perfectly captures “real” sexual tension that may be felt on the job.

The most wonderful thing about this scene, is the angry blow job Christian receives near the end. Forget about Jasper! Its all about Christian busting his nut all over Jasper’s face! Don’t miss this amazing scene! (Even if you don’t like spank!!)

TigerHeat LA

This past weekend, us locals all loaded up in an SUV and drove to Los Angeles to visit club Tiger Heat [aka Tiger Spray].  In the photo below, from left to right is, Max Carter, Sean, Alex E. then Me. Also, the producers Alex and Casey Roman are riding up front. The drive out there was really fun. We pretty much got driven around all day in this sweet SUV the boss rented us :D


It was a 3 hour drive to Cat Spray in LA; we drove into the night…perfect timing for clubbing! Alex and Sean were making out in the back the entire time…jee whiz….

Max and I dancing at Club Cat Piss. This picture was obviously taken right when we started dancing, because I was sweatin’ balls, with my shirt off, about 15 minutes in lol.

Oh yeah, we saw batman! …with some chick, either he was saving the world or he was about to get some serious pussy XP

Max being sexy at the hotel(:

and we all brought our RC helicopters xP the ceiling of the hotel is destroyed.

Here’s Max and I the next morning looking all busted and wearing the same clothes. Ha thats what I call ROUGH.

Can anyone say, burnout?

Needless to say, we all had a blast! Every part of the trip was fun. I really had fun at Tiger Piss…no…Tiger Heat. I am underage however and got carded for stupid shit like which entry to the same bathroom was appropriate for my age…Kinda redic when you really have to pee!

Thanks guys for making this a great time! I hope to travel with y’all soon!

Big Cocks <3


I love how Helix always manages to bring giant cocks together with the twinkiest twinks on the net. Christian Collins and Derrick Porter are the perfect example.


Christian Collins is so hung, It looks like he’s splitting Derrick in half…

Rawrrrr this is amazing. great dick, great legs, great top, great bottom…


-kyle ross

Jeyden and Levi: Morning Wood

When the models are happy, it’s a great day for everyone! Jayden Ellis and Levi Madison seemed to pair up fantastically for their scene; the 4th and final scene of the latest Helix Studios Production “Morning Wood”.

Jayden looks overwhelmed with gluttony trying to fit his mouth around Levi Madison’s fat cock! And of course, Levi loves every second of it. This one definitely classifies as a Jawbreaker.

“It was a really passionate scene, it started slow, but Jayden was enjoying it so much, Levi went loose on him.” -Casey Roman [producer] Jayden was so into the scene, Levi had to slow down multiple times to keep him from cumming. Jayden would yell “Just stop, I’ve got to cum!” I know that might sound normal, but when filming a porn scene, one’s endurance is greatly increased. Not the case with these two!!

Levi got into positions where he could easily get his dick all the way inside Jayden. As demonstrated above, the sideways cowboy position looks great and allows for maximum pleasure– that must have just felt amazing!! Levi and Jayden were a great finale to an excellent filming week. I can’t wait for this DVD to be released because I’ve herd such good things from all around! [model] [model] [producer] [director]

Thanks for reading!

-Kyle Ross