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New Scene

new photos!

Hey guys! Check out my latest photo shoot with Helix Studios! This shoot is with our new photographer, AJ  . This shoot was very natural and the setting was nothing special. I really enjoyed this shoot because the photos look so dynamic despite their “plain”ness.

hx106_scene55_004Hanging around in my plain undies…thinking of you!hx106_scene55_002

Check out that nutsack slippage….gnarly!!hx106_scene55_003


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RealCam With my Sexy BF!

People ask me all the time, “What is the latest Kyle Ross content on the net.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had an answer for a while… Surprise! I’m back at Helix Studios in this #RealCam scene with my sexy boyfriend, Max Carter. The full scene will be released at midnight and boy is it hot!!


We filmed this over at a park by my home in San Diego and I had a great time with Max revealing our past and how we met each other. Watch as we are individually interviewed and asked probing questions about our relationship and what we love about each other. Ironically, we have a lot of the same answers! See for yourself!



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